Bastrup Stenhus Fortress

Impressive ruins from an early Medieval Royal fortress dating back to the beginning of 12th century. The impressive ruins are located on a hill at the shore of the remote Lake Bastrup Sø. The fortress was turned down by order of Queen Margaret 1st in 1397.

But another story tells us that, the fortress was not turned down by the Queen, but because a brave young man liberated a lovely princess, who was taken prisoner at the fortress by a great and grim troll. When the young man chopped of all the trolls 3 heads, the fortress broke down to pieces and became the burrial mound for the trolle, and according to local storytelling the troll should still be there. Come and see form your self if you dare do so!

The lake is clean and good for summer swimm. At foot of the ruin, you'll find place for open fire.

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Stengårdsvej 4
3540 Lynge

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    Longitude : 12.271217
    Latitude : 55.819837

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