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The cinema in Thisted offers following:

As an extra service for movie hungry parents of småll children KINO offers Baby-cinema.
Whilce mum ad dad are watching a movie, baby can sleep in its pram in the cinema´s foyer, or you can take your baby with you into the cinema.
If you baby is sleeping when arriving, you will get two pieces of paper with a number. One of the numbers you take with you into the cinema, the other one is put onto the pram. The prams with the sleeping babies will be placed in the foyer, where some employees of the cinema will take care of the children while the parents are watching a movie. If one of the babies wakes up and the employees cannot lull it asleep by rocking the pram, the number of the pram will be announced in the cinema, so you can get your baby and take him with you into the cinema, where the light ist dimmed and the sound is weakened.
Of course you can take your baby with from the beginning of the movie.

Malles Prams has sponsored a changing table, placed in the bathroom. There will also be an microwave you can use to heaten up the baby milk.

You can see the time schedule for Baby Cinema at the homesite or just call KINO on  +45 97923399.

Opening hours
29/04/2013 - 31/12/2020 Monday - Sunday -

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Håndværkertorv 9
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+45 97923399


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