Dragen flyver - Djursland - Eastjutland

The sculpture "The dragon is flying" was unveiled in front of Glesborg City Hall in January 2002. Karl-Heinz Boserup´s sculpture that is in pure copper is inspired by "hjembækstenen".The stone, found by Hjembæk Beach in 1987, is engraved with drawings on the one hand, a deer and a plow, and on the other hand, a sailing ship. The stone is named Danefæ as drawings estimated to be around. 1500 years old and the oldest drawing of a sailing Danish ship.

The sculpture is sponsored by Djurslands Bank. Karl-Heinz Boserup, born 1943, is originally from Veggerslev. He has a professional background as forging and mechanic, but as an artist autodidact. He has worked with art and decoration since the age of 15 and mostly work in metal.

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Glesborg Bygade 1
8585 Glesborg

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Longitude : 10.733216
Latitude : 56.473464