The Heathers of Himmerland

The Heaths of Himmerland in North Jutland is the common name for Vindblaes Heath, Oudrup Heath, Lundby and Ajstrup Heath and Kyø Dale - in total 925 hectares of heath.

The Heaths of Himmerland lie on the old inland dunes with many sand hills, which give the landscape a varied appearance. But also the vallies, with Brusaa and Vidkaer River, highly characterize the area.

By Kyø Dale heath, hillsides fall steep towards the marsh around Vidkaer River.

A large part of the area is preserved today, but it is possible to walk the 20-kilometer marked-off hiking trails, leading you through unique, almost wilderness-like, nature.

Sand drift has affected the area several times, the first time almost 12,000 years ago. A dry, windy climate made the sand wander and cover the poorly wooded areas of the time. Even during the Iron Age and the Middle Ages, sand drifts have presumable affected the area due to rough exploitation of the heath.

Traces of culture

Today, the heaths appear uninhabited and deserted, but if you look closer you will find many traces of culture in the shape of burial mounds and Celtic fields telling the story of settlements and cultivation in former times.

The Heaths of Himmerland are situated in Aalborg and Vesthimmerland municipalities, and the two have recently published a leaflet containing an overview of the area. (In Danish)

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