Sindbjerg & Stoubjerg

Sindbjerg and Stoubjerg are the two heather-clad peaks of a sizable hill formation located in an area of heathland north of Sejs and Lake Borre Sø, approximately 5 km south-east of Silkeborg. Sindbjerg stands at 103 metres and Stoubjerg is 99 metres high. The peaks offer expansive views, especially in a southerly and south-easterly direction. You can see the entire line-up of lakes from Silkeborg to Himmelbjerget. Like Himmelbjerget, Sindbjerg and Stovbjerg are considered “fake hills”, i.e. slopes that were formed when the ice eroded the nearby countryside.   The “sind” in the name Sindbjerg comes from the Old Norse “sinder”, which means “slag” (ash), a by-product of charcoal production. This indicates that the trees on the hill may once have been used to make charcoal.   The “stou” of Stoubjerg is the noun “stue”, or “room” in English. There may therefore have been a dolmen on or near the hill, or a legend or tales about a dwelling (room) for underground creatures, which tallies well with the legend about the place that tells of the grave of the giant Borke.   On Sindbjerg stands a memorial to the editor Sophus Sørensen for his work on the conservation of the area. Today, some 56 hectares are protected. The conservation ensures that the hills remain heather-clad, and that the view from the hills to Himmelbjerget is preserved. The main vegetation, besides heather, is species such as crowberry, cranberries, tormentil, broom, juniper, aspen, wavy hair grass and a variety of different mosses and lichens. Download a map of the area here.

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