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Taars Church

9830, Tårs

Taars church was built around 1200....

Yding Church

8752, Østbirk

Yding church stands on a slight rise for the high ground east of Gudenåen where the landscape propagate in large, quiet types. The church is centrally located in relation to the village. The cemetery ...

Hansted Church

8700, Horsens

The story of the church goes back to the first half of the 1100s. Compared with other churches is Hansted church great. The porch where built in 1925...

Løkken Church

9480, Løkken

Løkken Kirke was built in 1898. Løkken got the church as the population increased in the 17- and 1800 hundreds as the fishing increased.


© Dorte Hartig

Karlslunde Strandchurch

2690, Karlslunde

Modern church, seating for about 375 persons

Font and alter silver drawn by Jorgen Dahlerup. Dish made by Kosta Boda.

The base is blue Ronnegranite.


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Greve Kirke

2670, Greve

The oldest part of the church dates from the end of the 11th century

Has undoubtedly replaced a mouldered wooden church from the time just after the introduction of christianity

The church was orig...

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The interior is characteriesed by a classic, ideally balanced design.

Classic church interior with white walls and a high ceiling.

The tapestries were created by weaveress Vibeke Gregers and

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Mosede Church

2670, Greve

The Church has a sweeping roof and upside down dome.

Seperate bell tower and central church designed on athe pattern of the Last Supper Room in Jerusalem.

The stained glass paintings decorating the ...

Hjørring has three middle age churches which is placed only a stone's throw from each other. It invites you to a culture-historical church walk through eight centuries. You find the oldest part of Hjø...

© Henrik Schrøder, Tikøb Kirke

Tikøb Church

3080, Tikøb

Tikøb church, of which the oldest parts date from ca. 1175, was built by Bishop Absalon and by monks from the nearby monastery Esrum. The church is one of the best and earliest brick buildings in Denm...

Olstrup Kirke

4895, Errindlev

The church is consecrated to St. Laurentius.In its architectural respect just a little gem.There are chalk paintings on the eastern wall.Altar pillars from 1500th centur...

© Visit Kolding

The Moravians in Christiansfeld

6070, Christiansfeld

Visit the World Cultural Heritage in Christiansfeld

The town was founded in 1773 by German Moravian Brethren from Herrnhut by order of King Christian VII. The Herrnhuts were very skilled craftsmen an...

Annisse church

3200, Helsinge

Graces a hill near Arresø Lake, and is stonebuilt in the Romanesque style with granite quoins.The nave and chancel date back to about 1080. A gothic extension to the chancel was added between 1400-145...

Riv dette tempel ned

7430, Ikast

In front of Ikast Church, you find a new and very impressive art installation by the renowned Danish artist, Bjørn Nørgaard. The sculpture was unveiled in November 2012, and caused great debate in the...

Bislev Church

9240, Nibe

Bislev Church was build around year 1200. The aisle and chancel are build in a Romanesque style. Above the door, you will find a stone image set in the wall, showing fighting warriors. Today, this ima...

Farstrup kirke

9240, Nibe

Farstrup Church has a romanesque nave and chancel as well as a Gothic extension of the nave towards the West, and the Church tower and porch to the North. The Church was inagurated in 1473. 

For more...

Mustafa Sahin, Supervisor at the public toilets, recommends:
"There is so much to see as a tourist in Roskilde. Roskilde Cathedral and the Viking Ship Museum are always well worth a visit. They have s...

You feel it everywhere – a sense of history. For the traces of Roskilde’s greatness as Denmark’s first capital city and the centre for both royal power and the church are visible everywhere.

Legend ...

© Haderslev Domprovsti

Aarø Church

6100, Haderslev

Small red brick church with red tiled roof. Altar of mulberry wood and granite font. Beautiful stained glass east window showing a victorious Christ. The church has 50 seats....

Aalborg Abbey Church

9000, Aalborg

In the middle of Aalborg's vibrant environment is one of the hidden treasures of the past, the Holy Spirit or Aalborg Monastery. The Monastery's calm environment forms the framework for the beautiful ...

Geopark Odsherred

4573, Højby

Geopark Odsherred has been admitted as Denmark’s very first Geopark to the International and UNESCO subsidized Global Geoparks Network.

Denmark’s kitchen garden
Odsherred has been a rich agricultura...

When the monks started building the Monastery of Vitskøl in the 12th Century it was meant to be the largest church in Scandinavia and one of the biggest in Northern Europe at the time.

The work start...

Uggerby Kirke

9800, Hjørring
© Asaa-Melholt Sogn

Asaa Church

9340, Asaa

The church in the middle of the town Asaa...

Sct. Birgitta Kirke

4930, Maribo

The architect H. C. Glahn constructed the church with red bricks. The assets are from the time of erection. As an altar, there are 3 glass paintings in the chancel?s bricks. They were constr...

Sinding Kirke

7400, Herning

Sinding church is dedicated to Saint Mikael. The churches oldest part is the chancel and nave which are from approx. year 1200. The bottom part of the late medieval tower has been preserved. The top p...

© Katolsk Vor Frue Kirke

Church of Our Lady in Aarhus
Visit the Catholic church in Aarhus, which is the parish church for all Catholics in the Aarhus area.

The church is situated in the heart of Aarhus 100 meters from the Ce...

Vidstrup Kirke (church) is Romanesque and has never had the tower. The Romanesque part consists of nave and choir, while the porch is late Gothic.

The original Romanesque altar was removed in the ear...

Carl Nielsen 150 years songs

3480, Fredensborg

Sunday June14 at 4pm  in Asminderød kirke
Celebration of Danish composer Carl Nielsen's  150 years  birthday with a sing along concert with  some of his songs.

Free admission...

Kliplev Kirke

6200, Aabenraa

Kliplev church...


Visualizando 1701 - 1742 de 1742

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