Blokhus-Løkken Wind Festival

Wind Festival on Blokhus Beach

All colors of the rainbow are presented and characterize the sky when the colorful Wind Festival unfolds on the beach in Blokhus. This is where kite enthusiasts from Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden and Denmark meet.

Blokhus gives airspace for an extraordinary weekend where the beach is filled with kite experts, enthusiasts, children and adults who have one thing in common: The very special feeling which occurs when they follow and control a colorful kite which "dances ballet" against the blue sky.

The weekend features FREE FLIGHT with kites - where guests have the opportunity to fly with their own kites on the festival area, and there will be evening flights, great performances, team flights, and flights with giant kites on the festival area - all set up by, among other, from Denmark. There will also be fun for children when the mascot "Woodpecker" throws out candy. Also kites will be throwing candy out from the hight of 10-15 meters. Children also get the chance to be creative for this year's Kite Workshop. Here they can build their own kites.

For kite lovers, it's about dreams, freedom, and this special feeling that in English is called "Fishing of Angels" - and Blokhus have the wind and the environment to make the dream come true.

It will be a photogenic experience, and the audience can expect a special experience. All are welcome to put their kite in the restricted areas, and the organizers hope te see several kite clubs . Admission is free, and it will be possible for the audience to participate by bringing their own kites.

Opening hours

08/06/2019 - 09/06/2019 Saturday, Sunday 10:00 - 17:00

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