Joerlunde Village Church

The church of Joerlunde is a nobleman's church and built year approximately year 1100. It was Lord Skjalm-Hvide, who errected the church. Most of the walls are built from chalkstones. By the middle of 14th century the church was rebuilt with Gothic vaults and a new tower to replace the twin towers of Skjalm-Hvide. The many weel preserved frescoes are painted during the period 1175 to 1200 and are unique by being inspired by the East Roman Emperor in Byzans. Mr. Bernt Snedker from Slangerup made the Renaissance alterpiece.

If the church is not open, please call Mr. Kjell Larsen - 47 333 623 and you can pick-up the key at Bygaden 15A, Joerlunde or you may call the vicarage - 47 334 011, Bygaden 17, Joerlunde.

Guide can be booked via the Tourist Office.

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